5 things I liked this week – 30.9.16

Image 30-09-2016 at 08.33

Beautiful supermarket flowers that stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t resist buying.


V&A London Design Week 2016

Seeing London Design Week at the V&A. I particularly liked the marble that looked like liquid (second row, photo on the right) and I was in total awe of the light display in the tapestry room (third row, left) and the installation by the Exhibition Road entrance (third row, right).


Hampton Wick pond

Another lovely walk by Hampton Wick pond.

4. I don’t watch that much TV these days but sometimes getting your teeth into something is just what you need, it’s usually at this point I comb iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime and declare with a wail “There’s nothing on!” but I did manage to find something I liked this week, The Fall. I’ve already caught up and watched season 1 and I’m about to start watching season 2 (so no spoilers please). I was a big Gillian Anderson fan way back in her X-files days (the recent new X-files stuff? nah) and I generally like anything she’s in but she is absolutely brilliant in this. And the way Jamie Dornan goes so quickly from “phew he’s a bit of all right” to absolutely creepily repulsive, well that’s very good acting.

5. I’ve been doing #30Lists this month, I was going to do a round up post when I finished my last list today but it’s getting a bit of a right pain having to link all my images from Flickr because I’ve run out of space on my WordPress account, so I’m not going to. I’m not sure thirty pictures of my not particularly neat handwriting would be that exciting anyway, but it’s been great fun to participate in. Here’s my favourite #30Lists from earlier this month.

One of my favourite #30Lists from this month



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