What I’ve been reading – September 2016

Books I've read September 2016

This month my reading has pretty much all been about Giordano Bruno, the hero of SJ Parris’ Tudor thrillers. I’ve completed books 1 to 3 and I’m currently at the beginning of book 4. I like them because they’re weaning me off my almost exclusive crime novel kick of the last many months (honestly, I was boring myself) but people are still getting murdered in these, so it’s a gentle weaning. And I particularly love them because the characters featured are actually, in the most part, real people. Now obviously these are fiction, I’m sure Giordano didn’t nearly as often have a knife to his throat for a start (which seems to happen at least every other chapter in the books), but the real life Giordano was apparently thought possibly to have been a spy to Walsingham. Out of curiosity, I did read Giordano’s Wikipedia page (I know, height of historical accuracy), so obviously I know all the spoilers about what happened to Giordano in the end (spoiler – it’s rather sad) and what happened to his friend Phillip Sydney (spoiler – also rather sad) but actually knowing how the real life Bruno and Sydney ended up, you can see traces of it in the books, behaviours in the fictional Bruno and Sydney that tally with how and why their real life counterparts met their ends.

Also this month, I’ve been reading a little bit of The Cozy Life, that hygge book everyone is talking about and Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon, which is very encouraging and inspiring.


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