5 things I liked this week – 14.10.16

  1. Walking in Richmond Park with the stags; I actually went twice this week, once last Friday and again on the Saturday. The Saturday walk wasn’t actually that relaxing, the park, if that’s at all possible, felt too crowded but I shouldn’t let that detract from the fact that I did enjoy my Friday walk.
  2. I’m still watching The Fall, still way behind, so no spoilers please but I’ve just got to the bit in season 2 where Colin Morgan makes an appearance, which always makes me feel completely hypocritical because I always think that men shouldn’t objectify women but oooh Colin Morgan (for those only familiar with Morgan’s earlier work, Merlin has grown into being a bit of a brooding hunk). I do really like The Fall but the fact that all the main characters bar the murderer’s downtrodden wife, all look like they’ve just stepped off a magazine fashion photo shoot, doesn’t make it feel completely realistic, although I can sort of get it from stylistic point of view, all the main characters, bar the wife, are in this almost out of this (normal) world, cat and mouse game, whereas the wife is just trying to raise her kids and do her job. There’s also the whole thing with Jamie Dornan being so good looking, ‘he just can’t be a murderer’, as shown with that scene on the train, where a young woman is looking at a rather accurate of photofit of the suspected murderer and Jamie Dornan is going “Do you think that looks like me? I think that looks like me. But I can’t be a murderer right?” and the young woman is going “Of course not,” simper, simper. Personally, the “cor Jamie Dornan is a bit of all right” effect lasted for about five minutes into the first episode of season one for me, as he’s a very good actor and he plays a very convincing absolute creep with a journalling fetish, so I can’t see why anyone would find that character attractive. Although for the record, Jamie Dornan with a beard, even playing a creepy murderer, is better looking I think than Jamie Dornan without a beard, playing Christian Gray (also, the Irish accent helps).
  3. Also on the TV front, I watched the recording of Derren Brown’s latest stage show this week. I saw Brown a few years ago and he was absolutely fantastic and I’m a big fan, I think the work that he does, not only his gift with hypnotism, reading people and all round trickery but also his work on looking at people like psychics, faith healers and psychology in general, is amazing. Brown has a book that’s either out or coming out soon (I’m not sure if the print copy is out yet, it might be, I’m waiting for the audiobook, which is out in November) on happiness and you could see echoes of that in his latest stage show, about how we are the stories we tell ourselves and if constantly tell ourselves bad stories, well, we’re not going to be very happy. Interesting stuff.
  4. We’re still finishing off the last touches of our grand bedroom swap that happened over the summer (the kids have got our big bedroom and we’ve now got the small bedroom). One of the things that the bedroom swap has influenced is where and how I can do my crafting, particularly big stuff, i.e. machine sewing. Now, except for a brief period when I had a desk in my old bedroom, I haven’t been able to use my sewing machine in my old bedroom anyway, I’ve always sewn in the living room (and that wasn’t particularly easy either) on our foldaway dining table. However, in moving the furniture around for the bedroom swap, we had to move the large bookcases that were in our bedroom, out into the living room and to fit the bookcases in the living room, we had to move the foldaway dining table. Now we did sort of think (briefly) about getting rid of the table, we only ever used it completely up, once a year (for Christmas), if that, because fully up it takes up the entire living room floor (and it is not a big table), it was increasingly not even half up, as we stored stuff in front of it a lot of the time. But me and Mr. Lacer are quite attached to what we call our ‘proper pieces of furniture’ (ie anything that didn’t come from Ikea or somewhere similar), as we only actually own two pieces, the table and a wooden oak chest of drawers (we are particular fond of the chest of drawers, it was an investment buy, after years of Ikea chest of drawers which would fall apart after a few years, I can see the investment chest of drawers literally being passed down the generations). So anyway, the chances of me and Mr. Lacer actually throwing out one of ‘proper pieces of furniture’ is about zero, so instead we’ve tucked the table down the side of our sofa and it now serves as a telephone table (it folds down pretty small). We will probably still get it out for Christmas but it will involve some heavy duty furniture moving to do so and I’m not exactly going to do that every time I want to do some sewing, so I was without a sewing table. Anyway, over the summer, this came to a head as Girl Lacer was invited to a 50s style birthday party and I wanted to make her a 50s style skirt, life ended up getting in the way, so I never did make the skirt (got as far as sticking together the .pdf pattern, I will still make the skirt though) but to make the skirt I knew I needed to sort out the table problem, so I ordered something I had been thinking about ordering for a while, a collapsible table that I could store under the sofa and then assemble when I wanted to get the sewing machine out. The table arrived, unfortunately the fabric for the skirt took ages to arrive (which was one of the reasons why the skirt didn’t happen for this party) and the table got stuck, still in its cardboard wrappings, under the sofa and left there, until this week …. Now I have been itching to get the sewing machine out all summer but the bedroom swap generated such a huge amount of boxes, that it took literally the whole of September (from basically when the kids went back to school) to sort out. There are still boxes in the living room, as Mr. Lacer recently cleared out a cupboard and I need to sort through those too but for a good long while, there was barely enough room to get even an embroidery hoop out in the living room, let alone a table to do some machine sewing, so the table stayed under the sofa. But as usual with crafting, sometimes it takes a fast encroaching deadline to get you moving; we have a family wedding to go to in a few weeks and I am making both me and Girl Lacer the dresses for it, so, I had to get sewing. So out came the table finally and it’s fantastic! I will be blogging about the sewing table (with pics) and what I’ve been sewing, in another blog post soon but it’s definitely been a highlight of the week!
  5. Time is going so quickly, it seems just like yesterday me and Girl Lacer were looking around secondary schools, now it’s Boy Lacer’s turn, although this time round we’re only looking around one, the school Girl Lacer ended up at (which had been her first choice school, on a list of about five schools). Girl Lacer’s school is only in its second year, it didn’t even properly exist when we went to ‘look round’ it, so it was excellent being able to look around an actual school building this time and to see how those initial words have very much been turned into very definite actions and we’re very lucky, it’s bloomed into a wonderful school, so that now, when we consider schools for Boy Lacer, there really is only one choice. Although we’re not the sort of parents who are very “you’re doing this whether you like it or not”, I can imagine, that in some families, kids have very little choice about what secondary school they want to put as their first choice and if Boy Lacer had wanted to look at other schools, we’d have been happy for that and if he’d wanted to put a different school as his first choice, as long as he had sound reasons for it, that would have been fine too. But he’s seen his sister have so much fun at her secondary school and although he was pretty sold even before he stepped into the door of the open evening last night, he sat and listened to the head’s speech, he said to me afterwards “well that sold me”. So, I am very excited for both of my kids, for the opportunities that they’ll have there. We were very lucky in that their primary school was fantastic and that it looks like their secondary school will be fantastic too. Which is, going back to the bedroom swap and the tables under the sofa, etc. etc. is why we’re doing this, my dad is frequently on at us to move out of the area, so that we can buy a three bed house, although these days in London, to buy a three bed house, we wouldn’t just have to move out of the borough, we’d have a move out of the city! He knows that a big reason we stay here is because of the schools and his counter argument is always “there’s good schools elsewhere, you know”, yes, of course there is but if we were to move now, wherever we ended up, those good schools would have waiting lists that our kids would be right at the bottom of and although I went to a ‘not good’ school (ooh it had a bad, sort of justified reputation), back when I was a kid and I came out all right, why give up on these opportunities for the kids that we currently have? They are worth the compromises.

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