Craft table and new pattern weights

New craft table

I mentioned a week or so ago that I had a new craft table and it has been fantastic. Previously I had been sewing on our fold down dining table, which I could only ever put half up and even that wasn’t brilliant, as it’s oval shaped and that’s not great when you’re trying to cut fabric. So when we had to store away our dining table, I was suddenly without any sewing space whatsoever, so I bought a table from Folding Tables UK (not a sponsored post) and it’s been brilliant. It’s actually big enough to sew on and have an ironing blanket on (I sew in my living room and there wouldn’t be enough space to put up the ironing board too, when I used to sew on the dining table, I used to have to put the ironing board up in the hallway, blocking everyone’s route to the toilet) and it is so much easier to be able to sew and then press a seam straight away (and to be honest it makes me far less likely to take short cuts and not do it). As you can see from the photo above, it’s even big enough for my sewing machine, the ironing blanket and a bored 12 year old. It goes up and down really easily, is solid when up and fits neatly under our sofa. Since I’ve been using the table, it hasn’t just been used for sewing, it was put up for a family take out pizza gathering, it’s been used for board games, homework, drawing and Mr. Lacer uses it to maintain and upgrade his PC.

Anyway, with my new and improved craft ‘space’ (I will blog further, later on, when everything has finished being sorted, about what other things I’ve done in the flat to improve my storage and access to my craft stuff), I could finally sew! Every year, on my Flickr, I create albums to record what I’ve sewn and embroidered for each year and just generally my craft output has been rather pathetic this year (for finished stuff anyway) but it surprised me, that when I went to put photos of my recent finished sewn pieces on Flickr, that I hadn’t even created a Sewn 2016 album yet because until this month, I actually hadn’t sewn anything (excluding my diamond hex quilt, which is still a WIP). So it feels extra good that I’ve managed to do so now.

Warm up pillow

Because I hadn’t used my sewing machine for so long, the first thing I did was make a cushion cover, to warm up. In the grand bedroom switch, I had found an uncovered cushion pad and I didn’t want to throw it away but I also didn’t want it to continue sitting around unused. I’d also been sorting through my fabric and had even managed to throw some of it away (the shocker), as I’ve only got limited space and so any fabric I do store, it’s got to work for its space. The fabric above, Michael Miller’s Rocket Rascals, was one of the first fabrics I bought, years ago, when I started sewing. Like I think a lot of beginner sewers, I was heavily attracted to novelty fabrics and need I say, these days, I’m not, I much prefer muted, less in your face stuff, you can use it for a wider range of things for a start. So Rocket Rascals had been in the discard pile but argh, I’m sentimental too and I fished it out and used it (finally!). I have metres of the stuff, uncut, and even making a cushion cover, I’ve still got loads but I associate the print so much with learning to sew, I haven’t got the heart to get rid of it.

Pattern weights

After the cushion cover, the next step was pattern weights. I’ve been hankering after pattern weights for ages, after seeing them on The Great British Sewing Bee and I thought that they’d be a good excuse to reduce down my smaller pieces of fabric pile and to celebrate my new, efficient, pattern cutting.

Pattern weights

The pattern is from Tea and a Sewing Machine and was pretty easy to follow.
Pattern weights

Since making the pattern weights I’ve sewn myself a dress, which will be blogged about later (a new blog resolution is to be patient until I can take at least reasonably decent photos of something I’ve made, although that’s bad timing since it’s Autumn and the light is no longer good) and I have a lot more sewing planned.


4 thoughts on “Craft table and new pattern weights

    1. I used what I could scavenge from my food cupboard. I started out with an old bag of risotto rice, managed to fill about half of the nine weights before running out and switching to an old bag of lentils. The weights aren’t that heavy and I was a bit worried how good they would be at holding down patterns and fabric but they were okay when I used them to cut the fabric out for a dress.

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