On the menu: very chocolatey chocolate cake

Very chocolatey chocolate cake

Not the best photo, this is the cake after a quarter was cut from it, I know it doesn’t really look like a quarter has been cut from it, it’s a rather liquidly soft cake

It’s Girl Lacer’s birthday and she only really likes chocolate cake (strange girl), so I made one. The recipe is Scrumptious Chocolate Fudge Cake from Miranda Gore Browne’s Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can, apparently she made this recipe on Great British Bakeoff and Paul Hollywood really liked it, I’m not sure what he’d think of my attempt. It’s a very dense, moist cake and I’m sure it doesn’t need quite as much ganache as the recipe called for but I had made the amount and so I dumped it on, honestly, the middle of that cake of half cake, half ganache. It is extremely chocolatey, the sort of extreme chocolateyness that I’m not sure I, personally, have the taste buds for anymore. Also, as the person who obviously made it, knowing that there’s way more sugar than actual flour in it, it’s a bit off-putting.


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