Adapted A-line skirt from Cal Patch’s Design-It-Yourself

Adapted A line skirt from Cal Patch's Design-It-Yourself Clothes

I’ve had (and drooled over) Cal Patch’s Design-It-Yourself Clothes book forever and have always pretty much wanted to work my way through the book and make everything (well, maybe not the frilled skirt) but I never had the time / space / confidence. But with my all new improved sewing space, I could do something about that now and well, I needed a smart skirt for an appointment today.

The first pattern in the book is for an A-line skirt and well, I wanted a pencil skirt, I also wanted to use some wool material that I’ve had laying around forever, so I wanted to line it to, so I adapted the instructions a bit. The result um, well, it’s wearable, I went for my appointment today and the lining didn’t rip incredible hulk stylee and my skirt didn’t fall down around my ankles when I got up (it did sag worryingly at the back, as I did get up, I hope (pleeease) that my cardigan hid my knickers!). Several things went wrong with this skirt; I think my body measurements are out and I probably made a mistake cutting the lining (that darn slippery stuff) or maybe sewing it. I think I was probably being a bit too ambitious attempting to draft a pencil skirt from instructions for an A-line skirt, as with a pencil skirt, you really need to get those curves right, an A-line skirt is much more forgiving. I didn’t make a muslin (I know, me bad) but I wasn’t feeling too precious about this material (although it is nice). I made the lining first, tried it on for fit and it was “Oh oh, this is a bit tight” but I thought, it just about fits, I’ll carry on. I made the actual skirt next, cut from the same pattern pieces as I had just cut the lining out from and …… the skirt is way too big. I have no idea what happened, although I should say that the wool material has way more give than the lining. But I bodged it together and like I say, it’s wearable, although I really do think I should maybe make some belt loops, so that there’s less chance of falling down, also, my drafted curves on my hips, not good.