Farewell Lacer’s Life, see you over at Brighter Industries!

I've launched a new business!

This actually makes me a little sad to write this, my last post on Lacer’s Life. I started this blog, ooh about 10+ years ago and it’s accompanied me through my kids early years and me picking up and learning how to embroider and sew (blogging for me definitely came before embroidery, in fact, it was whilst I was surfing the blogosphere and I came across a post from a blog I can’t even remember the name of now but it had a lovely embroidery of balloons on it and it made me think “I want to try that” and well, the rest as they say is history). But this blog has always been run on the free WordPress account option and a month or so ago I finally ran out of the 3GB media storage space and it’s been a pain in the neck ever since, to have to go and stick any photos up on Flickr and then embed from there. Not that that is the exclusive reason why I’m starting a new blog, I’ve wanted to open an Etsy store for quite some time and I had always planned to have a new blog linked to it, it’s just that I had originally planned to have the two blogs going at the same time. But, thinking about it, a lot of the stuff that I put here, I will be blogging about on the new shop blog, so there would be some duplication, as well as the whole Flickr pain in the neck thing, so …. bye Lacer’s Life.

I am going to keep Lacer’s Life up though, if anything I need it so that I can search back on various recipes and crafts I’ve made, it’s proved quite a useful archive for me, this blog has and I will probably put up a link up, in a sidebar, directing people over to the new blog too.

So, what is / will be Brighter Industries? It’s currently very much in its infancy but it will be selling textile patterns, as well as ‘physical objects’. There’s currently just my Christmas cross stitch pattern up and there’s unlikely to be anything else new until after the New Year but keep an eye out! And whilst my Etsy shop will be quiet for the moment, my new blog won’t be, I plan on blogging a lot more regularly over at the Brighter Industries blog. Many of my regular posts here, will be moving straight over to the new blog, so there will still be food posts, book posts, photo posts and just general life stuff, as well as, of course, lots of crafty stuff.

I have always really appreciated the people who have popped into read this blog, particularly those who have commented and liked, I hope to see some of you over at my new venture.



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