Mrs. Lacer aka Jo Stafferton is a mum, crafter, cook, photographer. She lives in London, UK.

She spends way too much time on Twitter.


27 thoughts on “About Mrs. Lacer

  1. Hi enjoyed reading your blog – wanted to cook Jamie’s leek pasta but can’t find the recipe online
    Do u remember what he cooked the leeks in??
    Have allthe other ingredients ready to go

  2. Hi Sally

    I think it was 1/2 glass white wine and some stock, don’t think it was much otherwise the leeks would have been watery because I don’t remember him draining them?


  3. Congratulations on your attractive blog. I agree with your comments on C.J. Sansom’s ‘Dark Fire’. A rattling good yarn AND (mostly) historically accurate. This is the 2nd Shardlake book. The 1st book ‘Dissolution’ is shorter & only has one plotline – an Agatha-Christie-style ‘locked room’ murder – and Sansom introduces you to the dark side of Thomas Cromwell & to the historical background generally, Best wishes Steve K

  4. Hello Mrs Lacer,
    I am a new blogster, don’t know too much, but want to learn fast. Stumbled on WordPress just two or three days back and it was an epiphany, truly. But I need hard information, if you can help:
    Wordpress is not that great at creating photo galleries, so it seems that one should use a third party for that, such as you appear to do. Can you tell me anything useful about your photo plug-in or whatever it is? And what are these widgets, and why should I know about them?
    Many thanks in advance, and I feel, intuitively, that you are a wonderful mum.
    Good night,

  5. Hi Aurick

    Most of the time I use WordPress for posting images, I think I’ve occasionally used Flickr but that’s about it. As for doing a gallery, upload as many photos as you want to WordPress using the add media button (you can download more than one photo at once, just ctrl click each file you want in the which file box), then once you’ve uploaded them all you’ll see an option at the bottom saying add gallery or something like. Click that, it won’t look like much on the post editing page but if you go to page preview, you should see that your photos are up there.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Hi

    I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and just want to say how great I think it is. Your interests seem to be pretty similar to mine! I’m a 30 something cookery book junkie currently exiled in Australia without my cookbooks so your postings on the new Nigel Slater show have made me a bit homesick! Does he have a new book out as well? (I’m a bit out of touch on what’s going on in the UK) Might be one for the Christmas list methinks…

    Keep writing

  7. Hi Georgina

    Thank you 🙂

    Re: any new Nigel Slater books coming up, I don’t think he’s got one directly related to the series , although you can download a recipe booklet from him for the digin campaign here and find recipes from the series here With his latest series it’s been about not really following recipes, so it’d have been a bit cheeky of him publishing a book full of them! However he does have a new book out, first of a series by the looks of things Tender v.1: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch ( – click on the link for videos!), he’s also got one about fruit coming out in May next year ( )

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  9. Hey! I somehow stumbled across your Blog (I really don’t know how google did it) and have just spent most of the afternoon reading it! I was so drawn in!

    I loved the cushion you made for the Nursery and the Owl Purse. Do you sell the Owl Purses?

    Have book marked this site and will catch up with the news next time!

    Love and Light

  10. Thank you Snow Dragon 🙂

    I gave the cushion to nursery today and they liked it as well, which was nice. As for the owl purse, that one was for a swap but I will be definitely be making more at some point, they won’t be exactly the same, as I’m going to play around with stitches and stuff, maybe try a bit of applique on them but once Boy Lacer is in school in September my Etsy shop is going to get a lot more cared for!

  11. Hi
    Looks like we are in the same group for Hoop Up….it’s amazing how these things happen…I say this because here I am reading your blog and I see you have a link to Neil Gaiman’s blog and our daughter is coming to your fair land TOMORROW for grad school at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford for Creative Writing AND she met Neil Gaiman in Minn, MN (where he lives) at a Sigma Tau Delta National English Honor Society Convention and she has been to Windsor Castle and here I am with you as a new partner….serendipity!!

  12. Just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog! I check it every evening. Thanks to your fab photo of ‘Cake for a Crowd’ (the original one; the naked dinosaur one really made me laugh – hope you found your icing sugar!!) I have been inspired and am awaiting delivery of Bill’s book. Keep smiling x

  13. Hi Mummyh

    Awww thank you 🙂 Never did find that icing sugar! Have fun with Bill’s book, the Cake for a Crowd is gorgeous. I’m working my way through the Nigella book at the moment but Bill’s Basics is next on my menu planning list.

  14. Just read the link on hyptonia. I understand It is amenable to treatment in early stages. Here is wishing your boy speedy recovery. Your blog is very appealing and cosy.

    1. Thank you, it’s been a while now since I wrote that, my son had lots of physio and support from school and although he’s never going to be the sportiest child, he races everywhere and climbs all over the place.

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