5 things I liked this week – 21.10.16

1. Some seedlings I planted earlier this month (really it should have been September) have grown! (I am such a bad gardener).
Cut flower seedlings

2. Me and Girl Lacer went to Tate Modern this week, we had meant to go on the next stage of the Capital Ring but thanks South West Trains, by the time we managed to get anywhere near central London, we’d ran out of time. But we had fun round Tate Modern, we went to see the new exhibit in the Turbine Hall and I showed her the new extension.

Turbine Hall Oct 16

The current turbine hall exhibition is by Philippe Parreno and is a massive (mainly) sound installation, that sounds like you’re underwater. There’s also moving lights, so the effect of the shadows moving across the hall floor is fantastic (and encouraged Girl Lacer into a bout of shadow puppetry – bottom right photo). Those panels you can see in the top two photos move around too and sometimes showed footage. Girl Lacer and I stayed and watched for about 15 minutes but each time we walked past it afterwards, it seemed to be playing something different.

Tate Modern roof

The roof of the new bit was stunning as usual (some of these photos may be Girl Lacer’s, she was using my camera). The new bit at Tate Modern

And of course I still love the texture of the outside of the new bit (pretty sure these last two photos are Girl Lacer’s, she’s been studying photography at school).

3. Catching glimpses of Girl Lacer’s dance class preparing for a show, this show normally happens about once every two years and you can see her really leap up in skill level each time and even just seeing those few minutes each week at pick up, you can see how more polished the dance routine is becoming each week.

4. I had the second stage of the big surgery I had over the summer, this week, this time just day surgery and not too much pain (not that I was in that much pain last time, those anesthetists really knew their stuff with nerve blocks). Once again I was in total awe of the lovely, organised, talented and professional staff at the hospital, the day surgery unit was like a highly polished, super efficient machine. I’ve seen a lot of hospitals over my life time and as much as I love the NHS as a whole, unfortunately not all their hospitals are that well run and I’ve had one particularly not nice, what was meant to be day surgery but didn’t turn out to be, experience at a different hospital, last year. I really think a lot of the difference comes down to money, the hospital where I have most of my treatment now is well funded (thanks to also taking a lot of private patients I think) and that obviously makes a difference. But I think the funding (or lack of funding) can also leach into moral, I still have to use that other hospital where I had the bad ‘day’ surgery experience (along with quite a few more bad experiences there) and the amount of times I’ve walked down the hospital corridors and overheard staff talking to each other about how unhappy they are at work, it really puts confidence in you, not. And if your staff are unhappy and underfunded, no wonder they can’t organise surgery efficiently.

5. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing recently, a pattern where I needed to use a hem gauge, the only hem gauge I could find locally was a not particularly brilliant cardboard one and Girl Lacer had been watching me sewing and struggling with it. So, I came home from hospital to discover that she’d ordered me a better one, the sweetheart!

Present from S ❤️


5 things I like – 15/7/16

1. I’m desperately looking for new TV to watch, as I can’t craft for too long without my arm getting painful, I haven’t had that much success in my TV hunt but I have found Mr. Robot, which I love. I’m currently working my way through the first series. I love everything about it, from the extremely cool, very retro opening title, the Dexter-ish narration, the lovingly shot New York scenery, Rami Malek, to how worryingly believably realistic it is.

2. My surgery was effectively in two stages; fixing the problem, then getting a plastic surgeon to put me back together again and it wasn’t the easiest op for the plastic surgeon to do and he did warn me beforehand that the result may not look brilliant but oh my goodness the guy is a genius! Every time I get my dressings changed I get compliments!  Just before the surgery, I was met by the plastic surgeon and a massive retinue of supporting surgeons (the op was 12 hours long) and he drew all over me with a biro, a line here, a line there, before sitting back to judge the overall appearance, literally like an artist, which I truly believe, in effect he was. It’s times like this I always wonder, do surgeons paint or sculpt or sew in their spare time? As they are obviously so good with their hands.

3. Girl Lacer almost literally bouncing with adrenaline after a successful performance at an arts festival.

4. Beautiful flowers from the guys at work.

5. And flowers blooming in my garden.

5 things I liked this week – 8.7.16

  1. Mr. Lacer (who is currently in charge of the food shopping) for still buying my favourite foods, although he’s struggling with the salad part.
  2. We, as a species, have done something right with the environment for once! Reports this week suggest that the ozone hole is healing itself. During one of my post op sleepless nights, I was listening to podcasts on the World Service and they had an interview with one of the scientists who went down to Antartica originally to help back up British data that there was a hole in the ozone layer, 30 odd years ago. It must be amazing for her to see such an alarming problem start to fix itself in her life time (thanks to some excellent international cooperation in banning CFCs). I was a very environmentally conscious teenager when the ozone hole was discovered, it’s great to see that it’s getting better.
  3. Jersey clothing is a godsend for those recovering from surgery on their abdomen. When I came out of hospital I literally couldn’t zip up the skirt I went into hospital in (a skirt, which at the time had actually been slightly too big), as the swelling was so bad. The swelling has gone down quite a bit now but anything that doesn’t have a smooth, soft waistband (or even better, is just a dress), is not going to happen right now. And of course another benefit of that sort of clothing, it can accommodate my daily changing size far better than something more fitted. And wearing jersey sort of feels like an extension to wearing your pjs and as I’m still spending most of the day on or in the bed, it’s perfect.
  4. The Handmade By Royal Appointment series is perfect gentle TV watching and makes me long for a job where I’m using my hands all day.
  5. IMG_6914

My incredibly mistreated succulent is flowering and it is absolutely stunning! I think (although not 100% sure) it’s an Echeveria, I’ve had it for a few years now, it was banished outside (Mr. Lacer is very cat like in his ability to knock plant pots off window sills) and it’s spent at least two winters outside, the second winter with no protection whatsoever. It did turn from green to red (something I remember reading was a cold thing) but it kept growing , forever sprouting off new babies but it’s never flowered, until now. I am slightly paranoid that this is it’s last “I’m dying” gasp, “I must spread my progeny far and wide, away from this hell hole” or it just really likes mild winters and very wet summers.

5 things I liked – 24.6.16

1. Visiting galleries I go to less often at the V&A, sometimes a break from my favourite galleries can be refreshing.

I love the scale of this gallery
You can imagine Dorian and Lily from Penny Dreadful having a dance here

2. Some plants I planted are actually thriving (I normally have the anti-green thumb) and they’re looking very pretty.

FullSizeRender 126

3. Game of Thrones! Eek, I had to remember to breathe! I don’t want to give any spoilers, so to give my reaction in emojis, 🤔 🔥 😅 🤔 😬 😱 💉💉💉💉💉💉 😠 😀 😮 (and Lyanna Moremont still managed to be the most badass, even though she was only in the latest episode for about 3 seconds).


4. Jake Morley has a new album out, woo hoo! I’ve been waiting for that for quite a while, I was virtually skipping along with music induced bouncyness, whilst I was out listening to it on my (*ahem* Mr. Lacer’s) headphones.

5. The Tate Modern extension, I am in building love.

FullSizeRender 163

#30DaysWild 23 – what I spotted whilst gardening

Warning: maybe not a post for arachnophobes


1 ‘ombre’ slug (and numerous of those orange tinted ones that look particularly gross).


A really big spider, worryingly a bit close to one of our windows. Although he had the remains of his breakfast (a bumble bee 😧) in his nearby web, so maybe he’s not planning on coming in just yet.


A snail, fleeing the scene of carnage bad gardening.


A tiny snail (as you can see, my gardening is normally on the ‘wild’ side).


And lots of tiny spiders and woodlice (you’ll have to trust me on the woodlice, they are in the photo).

30 Days Wild 6 – taking it outside


My #30DaysWild yesterday was trying to take what I normally do indoors, outdoors. Unfortunately I kept forgetting to charge my laptop up, so I couldn’t work outside and unfortunately the housework stayed stubbornly inside too but I did manage to –

  1. Eat lunch outside.
  2. Finish an embroidery, some suitably wild flowers too! (pattern by Sublime Stitching)
  3. Do some painting, following along with the latest Creativebug #cbdrawaday.
  4. Eat dessert outside for the evening meal.


Some recent garden pictures (not my garden, if these were photos from my garden, it would be dry earth, weeds and dead herb pots).

Dad's garden-3 Dad's garden-4 Dad's garden-5 Dad's garden-6 Dad's garden-7 Dad's garden-8 Dad's garden Dad's garden-2