Farewell Lacer’s Life, see you over at Brighter Industries!

I've launched a new business!

This actually makes me a little sad to write this, my last post on Lacer’s Life. I started this blog, ooh about 10+ years ago and it’s accompanied me through my kids early years and me picking up and learning how to embroider and sew (blogging for me definitely came before embroidery, in fact, it was whilst I was surfing the blogosphere and I came across a post from a blog I can’t even remember the name of now but it had a lovely embroidery of balloons on it and it made me think “I want to try that” and well, the rest as they say is history). But this blog has always been run on the free WordPress account option and a month or so ago I finally ran out of the 3GB media storage space and it’s been a pain in the neck ever since, to have to go and stick any photos up on Flickr and then embed from there. Not that that is the exclusive reason why I’m starting a new blog, I’ve wanted to open an Etsy store for quite some time and I had always planned to have a new blog linked to it, it’s just that I had originally planned to have the two blogs going at the same time. But, thinking about it, a lot of the stuff that I put here, I will be blogging about on the new shop blog, so there would be some duplication, as well as the whole Flickr pain in the neck thing, so …. bye Lacer’s Life.

I am going to keep Lacer’s Life up though, if anything I need it so that I can search back on various recipes and crafts I’ve made, it’s proved quite a useful archive for me, this blog has and I will probably put up a link up, in a sidebar, directing people over to the new blog too.

So, what is / will be Brighter Industries? It’s currently very much in its infancy but it will be selling textile patterns, as well as ‘physical objects’. There’s currently just my Christmas cross stitch pattern up and there’s unlikely to be anything else new until after the New Year but keep an eye out! And whilst my Etsy shop will be quiet for the moment, my new blog won’t be, I plan on blogging a lot more regularly over at the Brighter Industries blog. Many of my regular posts here, will be moving straight over to the new blog, so there will still be food posts, book posts, photo posts and just general life stuff, as well as, of course, lots of crafty stuff.

I have always really appreciated the people who have popped into read this blog, particularly those who have commented and liked, I hope to see some of you over at my new venture.



#30DaysWild 30 – a month of wild

Cloud 206Wow, I made it to the end of the month, there were some ‘cheaty’ sort of posts at the end but that’s only because I was in hospital, which is the least wild place possible. But prior to all that I had a great month, #30DaysWild encouraged me to be more observant and although I’m a bit of a walker anyway and would have probably walked quite a bit anyway, I think it definitely encouraged me to walk even more, so even with nearly a week in hospital, I racked up even more steps than I normally do and that extra exercise boost has definitely helped me get back up, out of that hospital bed.


A day in my life

A year ago yesterday, I did the A Beautiful Mess exercise to take a photo every hour to document my day. That particular day last year was a little more interesting than my day this year but I thought it’d be a nice idea to do the same thing this year (and the year after and so on and so on), just to document the changing years. Last year both kids were on half term break and we had a day trip to Hampton Court Palace, this year Boy Lacer had a teacher training day but Girl Lacer was still at school. Also, whereas last year I didn’t have any shifts that day, this year I had five hours worth and I can’t really show you what I work on. Anyway, here’s my day, it was considerably longer than last year’s.


Ugh my feet look horrible, not as horrible as my TMJ though, which keeps waking me up


I did manage to get back to sleep thankfully, here I am sorting my clothes for the day, going for a goth German kids storybook look (minus my great big white hammocks of a bra)


Filling in some school paperwork, I love how you can do a lot of it online now.


Okay, I may ‘love’ filling in paperwork online but it’s a bit embarrassing when the teacher (an IT teacher to boot) emails you back to say the form didn’t fill in, so trying again (I did, after four attempts, get there eventually)


Heading to the shops


Heading back from the shops


Reading a link from Twitter and eating some Graze beef jerky


My bed is my office and my studio, just tidying it up a bit


Doing some EPP, working on the Diamond Hex quilt


I’d written, last month I think, that I tend to prepare one set of shapes and then sew them on before cutting out more fabric, I’ve just started to prepare all the shapes for a diamond now before sewing it together, it somehow feels quicker that way.


Doing some housework (loading the dishwasher) but not feeling brilliant, so having a quick sit down.


My actual 5.07pm photo is a photo of Boy Lacer but here’s one of him shortly afterwards in disguise.


The kids’ tea, I know, not particularly healthy.


Starting work for the day (god I need to use some hand moisturiser or something).


Coffee to keep me going.


One of the benefits of working from home and having a job where if no work is coming in at that very moment, I have nothing to do, means that I can sometimes pick up some embroidery and do a few stitches, whilst waiting for more work to arrive. (Embroidery pattern by Sublime Stitching)


Another drink


Another quiet patch means more embroidery.


Bed time! Whilst brushing the crumbs out of the bed, I snagged my hand on a needle, oops, even worse, when I got into bed, I found another one!

5 things I liked this week – 6.5.16

1.Work has been hectic recently, so a much quieter shift for a normally very busy client, this week was very much appreciated!
2.The embroidery patterns by Abigail Cecile are absolutely gorgeous, I love her use of applique with the embroidery.

abigail cecile
Image credit: Abigail Cecile Design

3. Really getting into a good book, I really liked Jonathan Dark or the Evidence of Ghosts, I’m going to be waiting eagerly for AK Benedict’s next book!

4. A day off from work! I have a zero hours contract job and in a week with just my set shifts, I have two days off a week but as it’s been really busy recently (see 1.) so I’ve been taking on lots of extra shifts, including on my days off. So I haven’t had a day off in over 2 2 weeks (I’ve lost count). I should point out it’s not all get the violins out, my working days can vary between 1 to 10 hours, usually about 3 hours on an average day, so I haven’t been working dusk till dawn on all those days I’ve been working without a break but ooh, just to have a day when I wake up and know that I’m not working! No having to remember that I’ve got a shift later and having to schedule my day around it! ‘Ironically’ and this has helped me get through this sudden massive increase in hours (and of course the increased pay has helped too!), is that I know from next week my hours will drop dramatically again and with a week with no overtime, instead of two days off, I’m going to have three days off and two of those days are going to actually be next to each other (to all those people with traditional working weeks, you know that Sunday feeling? Well, if you only have one day off before going back to work again, you get that Sunday feeling straight away). Of course with all that extra free time, my pay will drop to match it but that’s how it goes. I know that there’s some awful zero hour contract employers out there and I’m lucky in that I don’t work for one of them! I do get a warning if my hours are going to drop and there’s normally opportunities to increase my hours again if I want to and I like the flexibility. In April I was in a position where I could work lots of hours, this month I’m in a position where it suits me more to work less. Although having said that, I don’t envy people on zero hours contracts if they’re the main breadwinner.

5. Penny Dreadful is back!!!!! And the first episode was amazing, I have a feeling this is going to be a particularly good season. Although (SPOILERS) I think a lot of people would like to be seemingly cured of deep depression as quickly as Vanessa did, after a single trip to the docs and a trip round the Natural History Museum.


Image credit


5 things I liked this week -25.3.16

  1. A lovely appointment with a lovely doctor (one of those transfers of care I mentioned in 5 things a few weeks ago). I love the NHS but some of it is far more ‘joined up’ than other bits (although that’s got a lot to do with funding). A previous appointment with the same speciality at a different hospital had been pretty much “you’ve got this rare condition, now go fend for yourself, byeee!”. Okay, they didn’t say the go fend for yourself bit but they effectively did, as all I got was a letter saying that I had x and that was it. All the care I’ve had since being diagnosed has been through the actions of a few doctors going above and beyond and a lot of bloody mindedness from me. Now I’ve seen a different doctor in the same speciality at a different hospital and they’re all like “right, we can do this, this and this” and I’m like “YES! Finally!”.
  2. I went to see the Botticelli exhibition at the V&A this week. It’s one of those things I probably wouldn’t have been bothered seeing if I hadn’t had a membership and could get in free, I always feel that Venus is a bit cliched but like I said, I could get in free, so I thought I’d go and have a look. The first room of the exhibition sort of confirmed my prejudices, it was full of modern art interpretations of Venus and most of it was a bit, well, not exactly inspiring (although I did quite like Warhol’s version). But as you progress through the exhibition, the work gets older and older and obviously the Pre-Raphelites weren’t doing as direct copies of Venus as the modern art pieces in the first room and I liked the pieces more for it. There was also a rather nice William Morris tapestry, as well as some interesting examples of practice pieces done in that era, copying small parts of Botticelli’s work. The final room had work from Botticelli himself and that was my favourite, there were some Venus like versions (without the famous background) plus many other portraits, my favourite definitely being that of Simonetta Vespucci (Portrait of a Woman). I love how his style almost looks illustrative.



Although doesn’t this Botticelli lady really look like Cate Blanchett? ↑


3. I know The Night Manager was in last week’s 5 things but OMG, the latest episode! If the tension couldn’t get any possibly higher, they ratcheted it up another level! I was having to remind myself to breath! Hugh Laurie was of course good in this, as always (so evil) but Tom Hiddleston was particularly outstanding in this episode, when his character was having to pretend to very much be someone he wasn’t and you can see him desperately trying to hold it together whilst still playing the part of the suave evil bad guy. It was really subtle but you could tell how emotional Hiddleston’s character was getting whilst he was still managing to hide it from the other bad guys. I think the final episode is going to be very, very good indeed.


4. A weekday lunch with Girl Lacer was a lovely treat for me, as I don’t often get company during the day. It was a particularly stressful day, okay some of the stress was down to running around after the aforementioned Girl Lacer but it was just nice to sit down and have a relaxing parma ham and salad wrap (it’s the simple things).

5. More spring sunshine (the weather is being such a tease, it will be glorious for one day then grey and freezing for days afterwards).