Of funerals and hospital appointments and really really good blog stats

You may have noticed a rare absence from me in that I didn’t post yesterday. I was off up North to my father in laws funeral, which was a sad occasion in suitably befitting rain. I left the kids in London with my dad, when he arrived, Boy Lacer took one look at him and went “eeeek” in a very high pitched distressed tone which meant “eek, it’s not that strange man again is it”, he then crawled as fast as he could, following me to the kitchen where I was preparing their lunch in advance. However Grandad came bearing late birthday gifts, a toy Iggle Piggle and as far as Boy Lacer is concerned anyone bearing toy Iggle Piggles is actually a good thing, so he was happier after that. I left a detailed list of instructions, including how to get Boy Lacer to nap whilst Girl Lacer was at nursery, but dad decided not to upset Boy Lacer (I warned him he screamed) so he let him play and apparently he was as good as gold. After nursery they all went to McDonalds, which probably put Grandad on an even higher pedestal for Boy Lacer because anyone who takes him to McDonalds has to be a very very nice person. So when I arrived home I found Girl Lacer and Boy Lacer contently playing on the floor looking like everyone had had a nice day.

My day (other than the funeral) wasn’t too bad either, I travelled to the funeral and back by public transport and for once it behaved implecably all day, I’d get to a platform and there would be my train, even on the way back when I could have walked, there was a bus just pulling up at the bus stop, so I took that as a sign 😉 . I like travelling by train and tube, don’t do enough of it now I’m a mum, I actively miss commuting, it was a chance to read and listen to music and I like the drama of travelling through central London, all the people, you can feel the stories literally around you. Plus I managed to finish The Quiet American (see earlier post) and read some more of Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer, which is really good, although I prefer Susan Hill’s creative writing course, where she has just written a particularly good post about making the reader do some of the work and not using too many adjectives, which I was worrying about (that I was using too little). Hill has recommended some more reading so now I’ve finished The Quiet American, I think I may try some Dickens in the form of David Copperfield, although I’ve just noticed on Amazon how long it is! Sorry anyway I’m really digressing, I enjoy travelling because it gives you a chance to read, listen to music and people watch. Thinking about music I’ve got some particularly good new(ish) albums on my MP3 player at the moment, my favourite is Newton Faulkner’s Handmade by Robots, which has quite a Jack Johnson vibe and Kanye West’s Graduation (see my music tastes are nothing but diverse).

Well after that long and rambling, flitting all over the place paragraphs, time to move on to today. Boy Lacer had a hospital appointment today with his consultant at Children’s Outpatients, last time he saw her was about January time. She was the one who started the whole ball rolling, did a lot of tests on him, found nothing wrong and then sent him on for a developmental check, which triggered the speech therapy and physio and which we’re still waiting for a follow up developmental check. Anyway this appointment today was principally about his chest which has been absolutely fine since going cow dairy free. The consultant said to carry on keeping him cow dairy free till next summer, when there won’t be as many respiratory bugs around and then try and reintroduce cow dairy slowly and see what happens. As far as the walking (or lack of it) is going, she thinks he’s making good progress and yes he probably has hyperextension but it shouldn’t hamper him too much, as for speech therapy’s communicating with others, she thought (as do I) that he was playing perfectly well with his sister (who was also there) and she’d seen him playing with another kid in the waiting room (and the screaming that resulted when I had to take him away for the appointment).

Finally, I checked my blog stats this lunch time and they actually made me swear in front of my children, I couldn’t help myself! My stats are normally running at a respectable 150 – 250 a day but yesterday it was 798! Today (early afternoon), they’re already at 516! And this is all for pretty much one thing, Nigella Lawson’s Hokey Pokey, which she showed on TV last night (and oh my god it looked good, as did the Rocky Road and the sesame noodle salad). Sorry guys, I don’t have the recipe, well I do, I have a copy of the Nigella Express book but it’d be breaking copyright if I copied it out here and I can’t find a link anywhere else to it, however I do actually really recommend the book, just for her cheddar cheese risotto and french doughnut toast alone, Cook Yourself Thin she isn’t! I definitely think I’ll be trying that Hokey Pokey though.


Flylady day 20, ballet and shopping

I had a good Flylady day yesterday and the kitchen is back to looking as almost lovely as it could be (it’s a grotty small, badly designed kitchen where the ripped lino badly needs replacing). Today I’m meant to be adding laundry to the routine, i.e. doing it every day, now I don’t know anyone who has kids who doesn’t do laundry everyday! I do at least one load, sometimes a lot more each day, it is very dependent on the weather and the time of year as although I have plenty enough capacity to wash things, drying things is a problem when it’s not a nice warm sunny day as I have a washer-drier (no room for a tumble drier) and the drier just does not work properly, so if I can hang clothes out to dry on the line, great, I can do 3 or 4 loads (and need to when it’s the beginning of the summer and the washing has backed up over the winter) but when it’s cold and miserable and the only place to dry clothes is the limited hanging space in the bathroom, well I’m limited about how many damp clothes I can hang up. My laundry weakness probably is that I don’t always put the clean dry clothes away, straight away, however I have already been working on that and instead of a clean laundry mountain mounting up over literally weeks, the clothes will be hanging round in the clean clothes hill for a few days at most.

Now on to other ramblings, Girl Lacer started her new ballet class today, she’d been going to ballet (what she refers to as ‘blue ballet’ as she had to wear a blue uniform) last term but it was a good 40 minute walk away up a very steep hill and we’d have never of made it on time after nursery, so I looked around for a new ballet class for this term and found what Girl Lacer refers to as ‘pink ballet’ as she’ll be wearing (once I part with the money) a pink uniform. I wish I’d found ‘pink ballet’ straight away as it’s almost literally round the corner instead of a pretty horrible 40 minute walk, the teachers look lovely and most importantly (for me) the other mums waiting outside the class whilst the ballet lesson is on are actually this time nice. Not that the ‘blue ballet’ mums were actually horrible but they were incredibly cliquey and it seemed to be part of the blue ballet mum clique you needed at least a 6 bed ‘cottage’ in leafy Surrey and go on holiday to exotic places at least three times a year. The mums at ‘pink ballet’ are a lot nicer and I already know one of them from nursery, goes to show that probably, specially living in London where there can sometimes be such distinct pockets of people that literally a 40 minute walk away from where you live and you’ve suddenly got nothing in common with the people there (like with blue ballet), that it’s nicer being local sometimes.

After me and Girl Lacer came back from ballet, Girl Lacer then assumed the position of a morning playing computer games with Mr.Lacer (they’re very into Rollercoaster Tycoon at the moment) and Boy Lacer had the dubious honour of accompanying me jeans shopping. It’s always nice shopping with just one of the kids though, go shopping with both of them and all you want to do it go from A to B as quickly as possible. However it does mean I’m more likely to spend money! I needed to go jeans shopping as I am at least a two pairs of jeans girl, but very sadly one of my trusted Abercrombie and Fitch pairs of jeans developed holes in embaressing places recently. I always buy Abercrombie jeans if I can as they fit me so well and they’re ‘proper’ jeans, not just trousers made of denim which some cheaper jeans can look like. Unfortunately not in the position to splash out £70 – £80 for a new pair of Abercrombie jeans at the moment, even though they’ve got a new store in London (and I’ve been, boy is it an experience, just for the shop assistants alone heh heh), so had to buy some high street jeans. My last pair of high street jeans I brought was a pair of Gap jeans last year and they never lasted the distance which is a shame as Gap jeans used to be good, maybe I was just unlucky that time, to me a pair of jeans should last a good number of years, my recently deceased Abercrombie jeans lasted nearly 4 years, so a pair of jeans lasting a year if that is just not good enough. So I tried Next this time and they’ve got a nice selection at the moment, I tried on several pairs and ended up going away with a pair of their Slouch fit jeans, the denim is nice and thick, the colour is dark but not too dark with some nice faded bit, they’re baggy (you wouldn’t of guessed with their name would you lol) I don’t look good in skinny jeans and they weren’t too expensive (£35). On the negative side they’ve got coloured embroidery on the pockets but you can’t seem to get away from that sort of thing on women’s high street jeans, why? It’s a big pet peeve of mine. You can’t beat a pair of nice worn, plain jeans, like how they were invented! Whenever I buy jeans for Girl Lacer I always try and buy embroidery free jeans, I think they look far nicer and not sissy (ugh can’t stand ‘sissy’). Anyway I’m glad I’ve got that pair of jeans now, I couldn’t stick being a one pair of jeans girl specially as my other pair of jeans (also Abercrombie) have been in the wash all week, I’ve had to resort to being ‘skirt woman’ and whilst it’s refreshing getting some air round my legs whilst the nice autumn weather lasts, I was missing my ‘uniform’.

Whilst clothes shopping couldn’t resist looking at the other stuff as well (much to Boy Lacer’s disgrutlement), I love looking at new season stuff and I love how the trend for pattern is continuing into autumn – winter wear. There were several nice printed tops in Next but I couldn’t justify them but I did pop into Zara and ended up buying a lovely retro looking patchwork applique top with an octopus on it, I’ve said it before I so love Zara’s T-shirts. They had some gorgeous crochet cat T-shirts to but they were a bit expensive. I sound a bit contradictory don’t I, can’t stand emboridery on my jeans but go crazy for embroidery etc. on my tops. I guess I like my jeans to be a nice solid plain backbone to whatever I’m wearing on my top half, I don’t want my jeans trying to compete to.

I also popped into Zara Home which is my new favourite interiors shop, up there with Cath Kidston and luckily alot cheaper than Cath Kidston. Funnily enough Boy Lacer also likes Zara Home as well, think the things in there are a lot more interesting to look at than boring old clothes, it’s a bit like an aladdin’s treasure trove. I ended up buying (I knew I’d buy something), a large squashy wicker basket plus a couple more melanime bowls for the kids (their melanime range is fantastic). The squashy wicker basket is to replace my cardboard box I use when tidying up, particularly the living room. I use Flylady’s method of sticking everything that shouldn’t be where you just found it, into a box and once the box is full you go round and empty the box, putting everything in their right place. Sometimes I don’t get round to emptying the box (I do it eventually) but other than that it is a fantastic method as you see results far more quickly and you’re not walking back and forth taking things from one place to another. But the cardboard box was itself looking untidy (it lives on the folded down dining room table) so the wicker basket will look nicer.

So from Flylady back to Flylady, I better go do some actual housework now, unfortunately being in the house is still making my allergic rhinitis worse (although I’m getting better now the sofa covers are back on), when I go out of the house I feel alot better, I suspect the only thing that’s going to make me better is a good spring clean.

General ramblings (Flylady day 19)

Ok, lets get Flylady over and done with first. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit (ok still trying to cling on with my fingers) due to being ‘ill’ over the last few days (to anyone with allergies don’t you just hate how suffering with bad hayfever etc. doesn’t seem to really count as being ill, you can feel just as rough or worse!). I hardly did any Flylady yesterday, just dragging myself to do a 5 minute room rescue and a 2 minute hot spot just before picking up Girl Lacer from nursery. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere in a Flylady e-mail or on her site about Flying when you’re ill, this is very half remembered so I may have got the gist of this wrong but her take on Flying when you’re ill, unless you literally can not get out of bed you should still do at least the basic routine, I think she has a point, nothing more depressing than being ill and watching the environment around you fall into even more chaos plus actually getting moving can sometimes make you feel at least a little bit better. I spent most of my two hours ‘free time’ whilst Girl Lacer was at nursery and Boy Lacer was asleep feeling sorry for myself yesterday but when I did do the room rescue and the hot spot I did feel a bit better. Didn’t really do anything in the kitchen though yesterday and I’m paying for it today. However the sofa covers are now back on the sofa, having dried and I can feel myself feeling drastically better already, just have a bit of an asthma type cough now which usually happens after a bad reaction. Anyway today is day 19 and the instruction of the day is to read some more stuff on her website, if you want to go check out the babysteps yourself go here.

Now onto to other ramblings, anyone else see the story on the front page of The Times a couple of days ago? Optimistically titled Taking the Pill cuts the risk of Cancer, if you read the article in depth it seems the research shows that taking the contraceptive pill over 8 years actually increases the risk of cancer by 22%! The article states that only a ‘minority’ of women take the pill for over 8 years, I question how they could be a minority, many girls start taking the pill at around 16 these days, not necessarily for birth control but for menstrual problems (that’s how I started taking it when I was 17), so if that 16 year old was to not stop taking it (say she developed a stable relationship with someone but didn’t yet want kids), the 8 years is up at only 24 years of age! In an era where many women delay having children until their 30s, I can hardly see how users taking the pill for over 8 years are a minority. The article reporting this piece of research has come at a timely point for me personally, I stopped taking the pill over 4 years ago due to starting a family but I have been thinking about going back on it, I’ve done the maths though, in total I’ve taken it for only just under 8 years. Now I know this is not the only story out there about the cancer risk associated with the contraceptive pill and I made the decision all those years ago to take it, it was a calculated decision which I was happy with at the time, despite a family history of breast cancer. But now I have kids, is that risk still worth taking? I know what it’s like to lose a mother early. So in all likelihood I probably won’t go back on it, I was leaning towards not going back on it anyway. I just don’t want to be in a hospital bed in an oncology ward 10 – 20 years time and think “Did I do everything I could to keep me healthy?”. I know you can’t argue with genetics but I’m not going to make things worse. However I’m a scientist by training and I’m not normally one to be swayed by newspaper reports like that. I am aware that the women in the study that they were reporting about were taking the pill 30 or 40 years ago and the formulation of the contraceptive pill has changed since, maybe less risk now? Argh don’t know!

Changing the subject completely, Girl Lacer (nearly 4) is starting to notice things connected to religion. I should point out we’re an atheist family. She burst out laughing when she noticed a couple of Muslim women in very traditional muslim dress in the street the other day (don’t worry I told her not to laugh) and asked me about a picture of a boy wearing his hair bundled up on his head in a little cloth thing (Sikh? I think). All little kids get to an age where they notice things different around them and I am very greatful that we live in London because I’m glad my kids are getting exposed to these multicultural experiences, I grew up in various places across Wales and England and none of them (at the time) were particularly renowned for being multicultural environments. So I’ve been trying to explain the concept of why certain people have different religions and beliefs and those beliefs mean that sometimes they dress in different ways. It’s quite difficult to explain the concept though when our family doesn’t have a religion itself, I can imagine it’s far easier to talk about those concepts when you’ve got a frame of reference a 3 year old already understands, i.e. the family’s own religion. Nothing like a three year old for getting you to explain some interesting concepts!

Now onto something completely different again, I’ve started reading Paul McKenna’s I can make you Rich, interesting reading so far, about whether you have negative or positive associations with money and being ‘rich’. Working through the exercises so far I think I already have quite positive associations with money anyway. I’ve always been a very optimistic, glass half full person (I can’t even understand how a person can think a glass is half empty) and the gist of what I think McKenna’s been saying so far is that if you think you’re going to loose all your money, that money’s evil, money corrupts etc. you’re not exactly going to ‘attract’ money. McKenna claims that if you follow the program properly you can make anything from a few hundreds of pounds to millions, depending on how much hard work you’re prepared to put in and at another point I read that if you follow the program you’ll receive money from somewhere ‘out of the blue’. Thinking about it, throughout my adult life I’ve had my fair bit of money ‘out of the blue’, maybe because I’m already an optimistic money attracting person? Who knows? McKenna made another interesting point, imagine your life if you were already rich, what would you do? He said that you may find that you’re already doing those things, me, if I were rich I’d be spending time with my family and enjoying free time to indulge in my hobbies, hey I do that already!

British Museum

Hello everyone again

Back from my day release to the British Museum. I went principally to escape the kiddie-winks but also to do some research for my Egypt story. I hadn’t been to the British Museum for ages, so couldn’t quite remember my way round, I found the big Egyptian statue section quite easily, but wasn’t overly inspired (although they are nice to look at), I could half remember some mummies from last time I went to the museum but couldn’t initially find them, so I was wandering whether they’d all been shipped back to Egypt. So by half eleven I was thinking I might be going home early but then thanks to a map I did find the mummies on the next floor and suddenly I was there for another two hours! I wrote 6 and a bit pages of notes and (bad) drawings on Ancient Egyptian life and rituals, all very useful and inspiring. And on the way out I stumbled across another visual treat of the newly restored King’s Library under the theme of the Age of Enlightenment, discovering the world in the 18th Century.


Picture of the King’s Library from the British Museum

Isn’t it beautiful? You can just imagine 18th century gentlemen gathering to discuss science or history.

So, a nice trip out to London. I always find a trip into London just anywhere inspires my writing. Just a stroll round London makes you feel like there’s a story around every corner. I love how different areas of London inspire me to think about different stories, central London is all dark alleyways and dusty bookshops, the Docklands is superheroes and where I live now seems to be time travel stories set in tudor England.

L is for London

View from Greenwich Penisula

View of the city from Greenwich

View from City Hall

View from City Hall (2002), you can tell this is a fairly old photo as you can see they haven’t yet finished building the Gherkin

Inside City Hall

Inside City Hall (included because I like this one)

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

L is for London, my home, which I love with a passion, although I’m not a native Londoner (although both my mum and dad’s families come from the London area). I came to London over a decade ago now, after a childhood of growing up in a series of quiet provincial towns, always wishing to get to London. I’ve moved around a number of different areas south of the river and loved each one in their own unique way. I love the centre of London to, the way how the future and the past jostles cheek to cheek, how there’s so much possibility in every step. I even liked commuting and miss that sorely now I’m a stay at home mum in the suburbs. London makes me love to be home, I could have visited the most amazing places on this planet and still feel glad when I saw that London skyline again.

So, what really grates me, is when family that doesn’t live in London, make grand statements such as “You’ll have to move out of London” or when they really slag it off, showing absolutely no idea what it’s like to actually live here. I think it’s all down to misunderstandings on both sides, they don’t get my viewpoint and I don’t get their’s either. They can’t understand why I would want to pay a small fortune to live in a tiny cramped shoe box, whereas the same amount could buy a far bigger actual house out of London. I don’t understand (sorry to anyone who actually does but this is my viewpoint) why anyone would want to live in some faceless sleeper town, where the houses all look the same and to get anywhere you have to drive. They don’t understand why I’d want to live (to quote them) like rats crowded in their cages, I can’t understand why anyone would not want to experience the vibrant culture and opportunity that occurs when you bring everyone together. I love how I can open anyone of my cookery books, from any culture and know I can find the ingredients for the most obscure dish if I wanted to, I’d hate my only shop to be a Tescos, half an hour drive away. I love how if I want to learn something, there will be somebody somewhere in this city who will teach it to me. I love the job opportunities that are open here. Basically I’m not leaving! But to sum it all up, I’m going to quote Mr. Lacer, we were recently in Kensington Gardens, after coming back from a trip to North Wales and we walked past a middle aged man learning to roller blade and Mr. Lacer turned to me and said;

“You know one of the things I love about London, you wouldn’t get a middle aged man rollerblading in North Wales but you can here.”

And that’s what I love about London, the opportunity to be whatever you want to be, whoever you are.




J is for J. (me)

 J is for J. (me). I’ve found a site that creates to quote them ‘a bunch of stupid, random questions to beat the boredom’ so I thought I’d answer them for today’s post on the letter J.

A bunch of stupid, random questions to beat the boredom

What do you wanna be when you grow up? I honestly don’t think I’ve grown up yet, even though I’m married with two kids and a mortgage. I don’t feel ‘not grown up’ in a bad way either, to me ‘grown up’ is my parents and who wants to act like their parents? But anyway what would I like to be when (and if) I grow up? I would like to be a writer, writing both childrens literature and screenwriting, I can’t see any reason why at least theoretically I can’t do both.

Is 30 old?: Oh no, 30 is most definitely young, I belong proudly to a generation that refuses to grow up.

What’s your major?: Biology.

Do you have a crush on anyone?: Mmm, does David Tennant count? It seems to be a rule of law for my hormones since new Who started that I have to fancy the pants of whoever is currently playing the Doctor. When it was Christopher Eccleston, well he was just gorgeous and when I heard he was being replaced by David Tennant, I was sooo gutted, thinking David Tennant wasn’t remotely sexy, now it’s a case of Christopher Eccleston, who’s that? I guess it’s just a sign that Russell T Davies (a script writing hero of mine) a) casts really good actors to play the Doctor and b) writes the characters to be really sexy in a kind of slightly nerdy heroic way.

What’s the prettiest part of your body?: My eyes, when they’re not behind a pair of scratched and smeared glasses. My children have inherited my eyes and you could just swim in them they’re so lovely, unfortunately it also means that they’re probably going to be as blind as a bat, just like me.

What celebrity would you shag?: Mmm, see the question about the crush.

Have you shagged any celebrities?: No.

Have you met any celebrities?:

  • saw Jimmy Saville in a hospital when I was little
  • when I used to work in a bookshop, one day when it was really quiet these two guys come in who clearly weren’t looking for any books, they looked straight out of the pages of some sort of spy novel, in reality they turned out to be the security guys for the then Northern Ireland secretary, who after they’d obviously checked out there weren’t any terrorists lurking behind the shelves, walked in and brought a book on cricket. I tried to make small talk (it was that sort of bookshop) but he was really short, so I didn’t get a good impression of him, so much so I actually can’t remember what his name was.
  • I once went to a New Years Eve party where the bloke who played Roly on Grange Hill was guest of honour, it was a bit of a pants party.
  • once when me and my sister were in Oxford we were walking past this hotel and there was a huge crowd outside, we had no idea what for but we thought we’d go and check out what the fuss was about. Shortly after we joined the crowd, these guys in black suits and sunglasses (even more secret agent like and impressive than the Northern Ireland secretary’s guys) came out of the hotel and started checking out the surroundings. Then out of the hotel came Bill Clinton, who at this point was only relatively recently out of the White House. He seemed really pleased to see the crowd and was going round saying hi to everyone, I managed to shake his hand and ok, yes I know this was probably a lot due to my prior knowledge of the man, but oh you could feel the power in that hand shake. He seemed a really nice guy and for the record I wouldn’t go and wait outside a hotel for George Bush.

Do you think you’ll ever get married?: I’m already married. I didn’t think I was the sort to get married (or have kids) when I was a teenager, so goes to show you, when you’re a teenager you tend not to know yourself very well.

What do you want your wedding song to be?: This is terrible because I can’t remember the track name (although I can hear it in my mind) but it was something from the Lighthouse Family, not that it was played for very long as I kinda of rushed up the ailse, I’d waited long enough to marry my husband so I wasn’t going to delay it any longer!

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?: Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, New York, my favourite place on the planet, beautiful when it’s cold and raining and you’re the only one there and beautiful when it’s 30 C and the whole world seems to be looking for a seat.

If you were stranded on a desert island,what 2 things would you take withu?: selfishly I’d say my two kids as I’d miss them too much otherwise. I say selfishly as I wouldn’t particularly want to inflict a desert island onto them.

What is your favorite club?: I quite liked the gay scene when I was a student down in Cardiff, I suspect it’s changed a bit since then though.

Movie you wished you had starred in: Off the top of my head ‘Gorillas in the Mist’, I loved that movie when I was younger and I would have loved to of met the gorillas.

Any other celebrities you would shag?: George Clooney (who wouldn’t).

Who is the coolest person you know?: Girl Lacer, I think she’s pretty cool for a 3 year old.

Who do you know of that you wanna meet, but you’ve never met?: Russell T Davies, I think it would be interesting to talk about script writing with him, although I wouldn’t want to meet him yet, I think I would want to be slightly more developed as a writer first.

Name the 5 most beautiful people that you know.:

  1. Girl Lacer.
  2. Boy Lacer.
  3. Mr. Lacer.
  4. Oh, I am really
  5. STUCK

Name the 5 most brilliant people that you know.: as above.

Whats the best class you ever took?: Mr. Evan’s Biology class, prior to taking his Biology class when I was in the 3rd year at school I hated Biology with a vengence. He turned that all around and I now have a degree and a Masters in Biology and 5 years lab experience in a career which was great for me for that stage of my life.

What’s the best job you’ve ever had?: The bookshop job I mentioned above, it was only a Saturday job when I was a sixth former but it was a great job (far far better than the previous job at a drugs store where they used to make me mop up bubble bath, have you ever tried that, it’s hard!). It was a lovely little bookshop run by a couple who had sort of retired from publishing, they’d look after their kid on Saturdays so I did most of the work in the shop that day (like I said it was only a little thing), everything from serving customers and sorting out orders. Sadly it’s the sort of bookshop that just didn’t stand a chance after the demise of the Net Book Agreement (which when it existed meant that all books had to be sold at their set price).

Is there someone that you cant stop thinking about that doesnt know it?: Like I said, my hormones do have a thing for David Tennant.

what song is in your head right now?: After just writing about my wedding song, the Lighthouse Family song I jut mentioned, think I’m going to have to find it on Napster in a minute.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?: what I have every morning, toast and crunchy nut cornflakes with no milk, I’m slightly disconcerted at the moment actually as I’ve just had an e-mail from Ocado (who I get my food from) saying that my box of crunchy nut has just been recalled (not just my personal box of crunchy nut you understand, just those between a certain date code).

Do you love your mom?: yes

Do you love your dad?: yes

Do you love our siblings?: yes, although there is a slightly more complex relationship as we’re getting to be as different as chalk and cheese.

Do you get along better with men or women?: Men, probably.

Plain or peanut?: Not at all keen on peanuts, although I’ll eat them occassionally (like I’m on an airplane and bored), so plain, unless it’s crunchy nut cornflakes.

smooth or crunchy?: Peanut butter, yuck, the only use for peanut butter in this house is the out of date jar we use for our humane mouse traps (we have a mouse problem, they like to come in and play with the kids toys, honestly).

White or wheat?: Leaning more and more towards wheat.

Coldplay or Nivana?: Not keen on either, but at a push I’ll say Coldplay.

Purple or Chartruese?: What’s Chartruese, so I’ll say purple.

Aliens or Ghosts?: Can it be both? I’m one of those people who thinks it would be supreme arrogance to assume we’re the only ones in this universe (and if we are that would be both extremely lonely and a tremondous responsibility), so I hope there are aliens somewhere, although a big percentage of me hopes they don’t contact us for a very long time yet, I know this is all very Star Trek, but you would have to question an alien races reasons for contacting us now if they did contact us, even if it was benevolent, I think it would still have profound, possibly very nasty effects on the human race, I think we need to be alone for a good while yet. As for ghosts, I think there is stuff we don’t yet know in science (wouldn’t it be boring if we did know everything) and very possibly ‘ghosts’ may be one of them.

Do you believe in ghosts?: I believe there may be a possibility or maybe it’s just some things in the past have such a profound effect on the present, they somehow filter through to the here and now in various subconcious ways that we put down as ghosts.

Favorite movie?: Towering Inferno.

Favorite Christian Slater movie?: Pump Up the Volume, oh my goodness, that question has just reminded me that I should have put Pump Up the Volume as one of my favourite movies in my post F is for Films, I loved that movie deeply when I was a teenager, the whole standing out and being different, really spoke to me.

favorite drink?: full sugar Coca Cola, a major major weakness, it’s my equivalent of coffee.

Favorite alchoholic drink?: Becks.

Favorite mixed drink?: I’ve drunk at certain points in my life way too much Barcardi and Coke and Cider and Black, don’t really go in for mixed drinks now, although I do love margheritas.

Favorite city?: London, which I love with a passion. New York, a very close second.

Favorite store?: Abercrombie and Fitch for their jeans (I would have also said their T-shirts but they’re not as nice as they used to be), Gap for general clothes, Zara Kids for kids clothes, Cath Kidston for home stuff and any bookshop, although considering my small independent bookshop past I am shamed to say that my favourite is probably Waterstones.

vices?: Cookbooks, Coca Cola and Chocolate.

addictions?: as above.

fetishes?: none that I’m going to write about.

Favorite food?: Italian food

Favorite animal?: Cats.

Best friends name(s)?: I’m a bit of a billy no mates, sob, sob.

Think of a number between 1 and 10: 3

Have you ever thrown up on someone really hot?: No.

Has anyone really hot ever thrown up on you?: No, thank goodness, I have a bit of a phobia relating to throwing up.

Have you ever been to mexico?: No.

Do you obssess over little things?: No, but I tend to obsess over the big things.

Do you have any tatoos?: No, but I’ve often been tempted.

Do you have any peircings?: No, sticking holes into yourself, yeugh.

What is your ethnic background?: Caucasian.

Name three sexy people’s myspace names.: Not on myspace (she writes, starting to feel very old and behind).

Have you ever broken anyones heart?: No

Has anyone ever broken your heart?: No

Do you refer to anyone as “the one that got away”: No

Have you slept with anyone that is on myspace?: No

Did you think that that question was a little too personal?: No

Republican or democrat?: I’m British, so haven’t a clue, if we’re talking British politics, I’d say I was a slightly guilty Tory.

what’s your favorite word?: Subversive.

who is the hottest woman/man in the world?: George Clooney.

Who would you kill if your morals would allow?: Anyone who harmed my children.

what’s your favorite restaurant?: Pizza Express.

are you glad this quiz is over?: Getting slightly bored now.

tricked ya! What color are your underwear right now?: Pinkish.

If you could join one band, what would it be?: All Saints.

If you could resurrect one band, who would it be?: All Saints, didn’t they loose their record contract again?

Favorite male vocalist?: Jack Johnson.

Favorite female vocalist?: Alanis Morresite (you can see I’m a massive fan (not) as I can’t even spell her sirname, but I do like her).

favorite athelete?: David Beckham and not overly due to his immense footballing skill.

favorite body part on a guy/girl?: bum

What your ideal mate should look like?: Not too ‘plastic’ looking, they have to be attractive to look at but also look interesting, as if they lead an interesting life.

what your ideal mate should act like?: They should be an individual, courageous, up for a challenge and passionate (and not just in me).

what your ideal mate should be intersted in.: Sci-fi / fantasy films and TV plus Italian food.

how he/she should propose: I actually proposed, in a tube station.

What band does your ideal mate absolutley have to love?: more of a case of what not to love, a love of dance music or really heavy metal would not work.

what can your ideal mate not do?: be boring.

Do you believe in soul mates?: I believe that there are a number of people on this planet that are ‘the one’, but they are few and far between, so statistically you’re not very likely to meet more than one.

Do you love yourself?: Most of the time, although I have certain character traits I really don’t like.

Do you love your friends?: Yes.

Who do you love the most in the whole wide world?: My kids.