5 things I liked this week – 21.10.16

1. Some seedlings I planted earlier this month (really it should have been September) have grown! (I am such a bad gardener).
Cut flower seedlings

2. Me and Girl Lacer went to Tate Modern this week, we had meant to go on the next stage of the Capital Ring but thanks South West Trains, by the time we managed to get anywhere near central London, we’d ran out of time. But we had fun round Tate Modern, we went to see the new exhibit in the Turbine Hall and I showed her the new extension.

Turbine Hall Oct 16

The current turbine hall exhibition is by Philippe Parreno and is a massive (mainly) sound installation, that sounds like you’re underwater. There’s also moving lights, so the effect of the shadows moving across the hall floor is fantastic (and encouraged Girl Lacer into a bout of shadow puppetry – bottom right photo). Those panels you can see in the top two photos move around too and sometimes showed footage. Girl Lacer and I stayed and watched for about 15 minutes but each time we walked past it afterwards, it seemed to be playing something different.

Tate Modern roof

The roof of the new bit was stunning as usual (some of these photos may be Girl Lacer’s, she was using my camera). The new bit at Tate Modern

And of course I still love the texture of the outside of the new bit (pretty sure these last two photos are Girl Lacer’s, she’s been studying photography at school).

3. Catching glimpses of Girl Lacer’s dance class preparing for a show, this show normally happens about once every two years and you can see her really leap up in skill level each time and even just seeing those few minutes each week at pick up, you can see how more polished the dance routine is becoming each week.

4. I had the second stage of the big surgery I had over the summer, this week, this time just day surgery and not too much pain (not that I was in that much pain last time, those anesthetists really knew their stuff with nerve blocks). Once again I was in total awe of the lovely, organised, talented and professional staff at the hospital, the day surgery unit was like a highly polished, super efficient machine. I’ve seen a lot of hospitals over my life time and as much as I love the NHS as a whole, unfortunately not all their hospitals are that well run and I’ve had one particularly not nice, what was meant to be day surgery but didn’t turn out to be, experience at a different hospital, last year. I really think a lot of the difference comes down to money, the hospital where I have most of my treatment now is well funded (thanks to also taking a lot of private patients I think) and that obviously makes a difference. But I think the funding (or lack of funding) can also leach into moral, I still have to use that other hospital where I had the bad ‘day’ surgery experience (along with quite a few more bad experiences there) and the amount of times I’ve walked down the hospital corridors and overheard staff talking to each other about how unhappy they are at work, it really puts confidence in you, not. And if your staff are unhappy and underfunded, no wonder they can’t organise surgery efficiently.

5. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing recently, a pattern where I needed to use a hem gauge, the only hem gauge I could find locally was a not particularly brilliant cardboard one and Girl Lacer had been watching me sewing and struggling with it. So, I came home from hospital to discover that she’d ordered me a better one, the sweetheart!

Present from S ❤️


Richmond Park – October 2016

Richmond Park October 2016

I went to Richmond Park over the weekend, it was full of speeding cyclists, posh dog walkers and extremely randy stags, it actually wasn’t that relaxing (for once). But I did have my ‘good’ camera with me, so I took some shots.

Richmond Park October 2016

Richmond Park October 2016

Richmond Park October 2016

Richmond Park October 2016


5 things I liked this week – 30.9.16

Image 30-09-2016 at 08.33

Beautiful supermarket flowers that stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t resist buying.


V&A London Design Week 2016

Seeing London Design Week at the V&A. I particularly liked the marble that looked like liquid (second row, photo on the right) and I was in total awe of the light display in the tapestry room (third row, left) and the installation by the Exhibition Road entrance (third row, right).


Hampton Wick pond

Another lovely walk by Hampton Wick pond.

4. I don’t watch that much TV these days but sometimes getting your teeth into something is just what you need, it’s usually at this point I comb iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime and declare with a wail “There’s nothing on!” but I did manage to find something I liked this week, The Fall. I’ve already caught up and watched season 1 and I’m about to start watching season 2 (so no spoilers please). I was a big Gillian Anderson fan way back in her X-files days (the recent new X-files stuff? nah) and I generally like anything she’s in but she is absolutely brilliant in this. And the way Jamie Dornan goes so quickly from “phew he’s a bit of all right” to absolutely creepily repulsive, well that’s very good acting.

5. I’ve been doing #30Lists this month, I was going to do a round up post when I finished my last list today but it’s getting a bit of a right pain having to link all my images from Flickr because I’ve run out of space on my WordPress account, so I’m not going to. I’m not sure thirty pictures of my not particularly neat handwriting would be that exciting anyway, but it’s been great fun to participate in. Here’s my favourite #30Lists from earlier this month.

One of my favourite #30Lists from this month


5 things I liked this week – 23.9.16

View from Canbury Gardens
I’ve had the chance to go for lots of walks this week and after a blip, the weather has thankfully turned nice(ish) again. I’ve always liked walking anyway but walking has played such a big part in my preparation for the surgery I had this summer and in my recovery. The photo above was taken on a local walk in Kingston.

2. On another walk (after having to be in central London for an appointment, I thought I’d switch my walking scenery up a bit), I walked from Covent Garden to Millbank, to go and see The Smile, which is part of London Design Week and was it was rather cool. It’s a giant wooden curved box, that is completely made out of wood (apparently this is technically very difficult).

The Smile

(You can’t see it from the photos in my mosaic but the box curves at both ends, hence the name)

3. On another trip into central London for an appointment, this time I got to hang out around the London Bridge area, as this was much more preferable than hanging out in a waiting room (I got there early because often when relying on London trains, you’re either early or you’re late, there is no in between). So I got to soak up Borough Market, the river, the area around The Clink (old warehouses) and some street art.

London Bridge

(I love the ‘toilet’ in the third photo, top row)

4. After my London Bridge appointment, I finally got to tick off a London attraction I’ve been wanting to see for years, from my to-see list, The Old Operating Theatre Museum.

Old operating theatre museum
Old operating theatre museum

The Old Operating Theatre Museum is this tiny little place, in the literal roof of a church, on a street about 5 minutes walk from Guy’s Hospital and it’s where they used to store herbs and medicines and do operations on women. Being in the roof of a church, it is not the most accessible of places but if you’re okay with steep spiral staircases and slightly squeamish stuff, it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s quite quaint (in a nice way), with all the hand written labels and stuff, after spending most of my museum time hanging around glossy museums like the V&A, it was a nice change.

My creation

And it was especially eerie and a little chilling to be able to stand in the galleries of the actual operating theatre, exactly where people used to come and watch the surgeries.

Old operating theatre museum

5. And finally, the trip to Borough Market I mentioned? The bakery stalls there are always so tempting and there’s one stall there (unfortunately I can’t remember the name), that sells doughnuts, which are obviously so hip or something because there’s often people standing around the stall instagraming them. Anyway, whenever I pass this stall, I either don’t fancy a doughnut (strange person, I know) or they’ve sold out but they had doughnuts and I wanted one! The London Bridge appointment was to see a dentist, so I was not exactly going to eat this doughnut before I saw him and I was a good girl, I even carried it all the way round The Old Operating Theatre afterwards but by the time I was on the tube platform, heading home, I could not resist. I got the doughnut out the bag, they had had three choices, vanilla, caramel and honeycomb or blackberry jam and I had gone for the classic (well more classic) blackberry and oh my word, when I bit into that doughnut, it was more jam than doughnut. The hipster part of me, I admit, really want to photograph my doughnut at this point but if I had the jam would have ended up all over the platform floor and not in my tummy and this would have been wrong, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, how good this doughnut was. Sigh, the doughnut was lightness and sugaryness personified and the jam, oh the jam, it was more like thick blackberry puree really with a heavy hint of lemon and it was so, so good. Sadly (or perhaps good, for my teeth and my waistline), I don’t have to go back to see this particular dentist until next April, darn it, I need another excuse to go to London Bridge!

(After years and years and years of blogging on Lacer’s Life, I recently ran out of photo storage space, so I’m linking all my blog photos from Flickr now – oh it like going back to the noughties – anyway, there was a lot of photos this week, so if you’d like to see bigger versions, just click on the photos and it should take you to my Flickr account).

5 things I liked this week – 16.9.16


S's islamic geometry in progress

Girl Lacer’s work in progress

My finished islamic geometry piece

My finished piece

Girl Lacer and I went to an Islamic Geometry workshop on Saturday run by Samira Mian, I’ve been to one of her classes before but this was Girl Lacer’s first time. The workshop is principally for adults but a few kids go along, it can be quite challenging but Girl Lacer is a bit of a whizz at maths and it turned out that she absolutely loved it. She’s been doing more Islamic Geometry at home too and has been telling her maths teachers at school all about it.


V&A lion

Getting out to the V&A on Monday, I hadn’t planned on going but I was in the area and the two things I had thought about doing were closed, so I popped in and as usual had a great time.


Home Park

Home Park

River Thames in Kingston

River Thames in Kingston

Thanks to the recent lovely weather, I got lots of walks in this week, which was brilliant.


First completed spread in Jennifer Orkin Lewis' Draw Everyday Draw Everyway

Jennifer Orkin Lewis’ new book, Draw Every Day Draw Every Way is fantastic, it has a year’s worth of prompts to draw, each in 30 day sections of different techniques. So far I’ve been doing a drawing a day, the first section is ‘colourful markers and a black pen’ and has nature prompts and I’m loving it.

5. Sew Over It has a new ebook out, a five pattern capsule wardrobe for a city break and all the patterns are absolutely lovely, I can so see me making all of them, multiple times, that’s if I ever can ever finish sorting out our living room, which is the only space I can sew now and unfortunately right now I can’t sew because it’s still full of boxes. But I can drool over those patterns.

Random visit to the V&A

I had an errand to do in London today, that took all of 10 minutes to actually do but I didn’t want to go all the way into London then out again just for 10 minutes, so I popped into the V&A too (excuse me whilst I practice my Photoshop).

v and a


5 things I liked this week -9.9.16

1. Wandering around the vegetable garden at Hampton Court.
hampton court vegetable garden

2. Going for a walk in Richmond Park and enjoying the wildlife and the view.
Deer - Richmond Park View from the ridge - Richmond Park

3. The kids going back to school, *blush*. I love, love, love having the kids home during the holidays and I am always acutely aware how short this time is but I also like my routine, so right now I’m enjoying getting back actually into one and also enjoying how much, Girl Lacer at least, loves school.

4. More wildlife, this time on a walk by the Thames.
Heron - River Thames

5. And finally, I know it’s a bit shallow but that Apple keynote, sigh, those new iWatches and definitely big dreamy sigh over the camera on the iPhone 7+. I do 99.9% of my photography using my iPhone these days, my iPhone 6 is as good as a point and shoot and I always have it with me, looking at the camera on the iPhone 7+, wow, that’s almost (I say almost) getting DSLR like! The photos above were all taken on my iPhone, the ones of the deer and the heron taken with the digital zoom, so not brilliant, it looks like I wouldn’t have that problem with the 7+!