5 things I liked this week – 4.11.16

  1. Working on a good project at work.
  2. Girl Lacer getting good marks in her school assessments.
  3. Humans is back on, yay! And even though Colin Morgan has toned down his out and out sexiness for this show, he’s still not bad to look at! (I am such a perv). And of course the TV show itself is good too.
  4. Me and Mr. Lacer are back box-setting Mr. Robot and we’re now on season 2. I love Mr. Robot for pretty much everything but ooh the love and care that goes into those camera shots, it’s achingly beautiful.
  5. The High Court’s decision that the government needs to be consulted before Article 50 is revoked is fantastic. The Brexiters want more sovereign control (what are we in the Middle Ages?) and as soon as OUR courts, OUR government try and exert some control, they don’t like it! As someone said on Twitter yesterday, it’s a rise of a group of people who only care that they’re right, that only their opinions matter, never mind that the pound shot up on the decision yesterday but hey, what are facts?

5 things I liked this week -20.5.16

1. The lovely nurses at an outpatient’s procedure, it was the sort of procedure which is way up there on the list of things you don’t want doctors doing to you but the nurses were so nice and friendly and welcoming and reassuring, that they put me instantly at ease. Also of note, as usual most of the nurses were (from their accents) not originally from the UK and I would like to wheel any of the anti-immigrant bigots into that theatre and see if they still have the same views. I’m sure that there isn’t some NHS hiring policy that only hires people from overseas and that there isn’t legions of unemployed British health care workers because all the health care jobs have been taken by immigrants, as this article shows, there’s currently a chronic shortfall in nurses. I just wish that all the bigots out there would actually take a moment to sit down and actually think what the world would be like, on a practical level if they can’t handle the morality, if they got their way.

2.This article by Ruby Tandoh on the whole clean eating thing, she says a lot of good things like.

Remember above all that you will be nourished not only by the food you eat, but by the pleasure you take in it.

3. I’m pretty sure I’ve said here before, that I try not to show pictures etc of my kids here because I want them to be old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to be on social media and I’m pretty sure I’ve also said, that when my kids got to an age when they were using social media, I may, if it’s relevant, start putting pictures etc up here. Anyway, Girl Lacer has a friend who likes making films, she’s been in one before, a few years back and this week she was in another, both films were about zombies, so you can really see how her friend is growing up into being a filmmaker with a lot of potential. People go on about kids today being just glued to their screens and yes that does happen, the internet has also really given the same kids a chance to explore their creativity. If anyone likes zombie films made by talented 12 year olds, the video is here.

4. I love following what Space X is doing, so I love this clip of their recently landed rocket.

5. I love this article from The Guardian We’re living in an age full of possibilities. So why do so many of us feel like losers?. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds switching on the news these days a bit butt-clenching, things are happening that feel like history book happening, we have so much potential opportunity these days, yet it seems the more opportunity there is, the more nut jobs seem to spring up to try and deny it or even worse deny it and hoard it all to themselves. I’m sure that we, as a species, could get through the problems we’re facing right now but we seem to be perversely attracted to the very leaders who are more likely to increase the problems rather than solve them. We can’t separate ourselves, as either individuals or countries and hope that it’s all going to go away.


One of those moments

I’ve refrained from politics here (although anyone following my Twitter stream could probably guess my allegiance), but I’m going to come ‘out’ now and say that personally, I feel nothing but horror that that man is now our Prime Minster. I have been following the election and its aftermath with great interest and although I always guessed it would end this way, the narrow margin of this is scary. And yes before anyone comments on here that it wasn’t a narrow margin, as in seat difference between the Conservatives and Labour, that is not what I’m talking about, it’s more the difference between the total votes for parties on the left and parties on the right, that is what makes it feel like it should be a party of the left or a coalition of the parties of the left now in power, if anything because to me the future is scary, we are still in the midst of a global economic crisis, we are well and truly into the beginning of fuel shortages as the price of oil goes up and up and consequently the price of everything else goes up to and global warming events will get more and more common and what we do not need is a party funded by tax dodgers and concerned with the elite in power. It feels like that ‘what if’ scenario of the Bush v Gore election, that was so close and if that had gone the other way, how different would the world be now? Because we all know what Bush did. I can see / fear a collective looking back in ten years time, a what if a Labour – Liberal Democrat coalition had got into power instead?

I for the record liked Gordon Brown, yes this country is in economic crisis but so is virtually every other country, which kind of means that either a) the leader of every country in economic crisis was incompetent or b) this was a global event that no matter how good our leader was we were never going to bypass. I think Gordon Brown did the best of a bad job and probably made some decisions that meant we weren’t as bad off as some other countries.

What deeply offended me about the Tories and their election campaign was their claim that Britain was broken. I know that there is terrible deprivation in parts of Britain but no political party can bring about some 100% utopia, they do the best they can and I think Labour have had a good record and I daily see the benefit of policies put forth by Labour to help the NHS and our education system. I say Britain is not broken, it’s not flawless but don’t insult us Cameron.

What I can only hope is this whole episode has woken a greater percentage of this country to the importance of politics, we chose the people in power or so the theory goes anyway. I can only hope that this government is short lived and that their downfall does not cause to much damage and that positive change will result. I think that the Liberal Democrats have chosen dangerous bedfellows.

PS For the record I’d have never of voted for Tony Blair if he was still in power, I class him with his record in the same camp as Cameron.