World Book Day 2010

I sent a White Rabbit and a Gruffalo off to school/nursery today; yes it’s World Book Day again. The school does dressing up as book characters every other World Book Day I think (if I recall, last year’s World Book Day was going to school in your pyjamas – as you read in bed). When I asked the kids what they wanted to dress up as, Girl Lacer, the ever practical, wanted to assess what she actually had to dress up with first, but remembering she had a white bunny costume from her ballet recital back when she was 4 (there was no coincidence there was a number of 5 and 6 year old girls in school today dressed as fictional bunnies) combined with a recent love of all things Alice in Wonderland (not due to the upcoming movie – although we will probably go and see it – but due to her class covering the story recently – last year her class did Wind in the Willows, which she also loved, I do approve of all this classic book work they’re doing, I don’t recall learning about any of the classic stories at that age), anyway combining the ownership of the white bunny costume and the love of Alice, she decided to be the White Rabbit. It did involve having to go out and buy a waistcoat and she made a pocket watch, but it turned out to be a nice easy costume. And it turned out, when I delivered her to school this morning, there was also a Mad Hatter and a Queen of Hearts soldier (one of her best friends, coincidentally) in the class, so Alice hasn’t just affected her . . .

When I asked Boy Lacer what he wanted to be, I just got a small plaintive voice “I just want to be me,” awwww! I suppose when you’re Boy Lacer, being Boy Lacer can be hard enough, without having to pretend you’re someone else as well, so thank goodness for boys’ character T-shirts, on his agreement I bought him a Gruffalo T-shirt from here, it’s slightly eye wateringly expensive, as all kids T-shirts with branded characters tend to be, but I needed something and it actually turned out to be a rather nice T-shirt (although slightly on the close fitting side). You can’t see it very well from the photo on the Pink Milk (where I got it from) website, but the lettering and the Gruffalo’s peculiar features, like the poisonous wart and the tusks, are all machine embroidered on, so it’s a rather nice effect.

Boy Lacer actually had ‘homework’ to do last night, in preparation for today, we had to fill in a worksheet together about the character he had chosen to go as and Boy Lacer had to draw a picture. It was amazing, asking Boy Lacer, prompting questions about The Gruffalo, how much of the poem he can remember, word for word.


Christmas TV

Today’s Christmas TV has been The Gruffalo, Doctor Who and ok it wasn’t actually on today but it was on my DVR, the last episode of Defying Gravity.

The Gruffalo

A half hour, pretty darn close adaptation of The Gruffalo on the BBC (so go watch it on the iPlayer now if you haven’t seen it) was absolutely excellent. The animation, although different was very faithful to the original artwork, set in the most beautiful yet incredibly dark and dangerous forest. The script was dark and dangerous to, as we followed the mouse on his walk through the wood, countless cute little bugs and beasties were getting eaten, this was no Disney version. My two were watching it transfixed, although by the time the Gruffalo appeared Boy Lacer hurriedly scrambled whimpering into the nearest adult’s lap for safety and then carried on being transfixed.

Doctor Who – The End of Time part I

Hmmm, I’m not sure I liked this one too much, it’s like everytime Russell T Davies gets to write the Master he goes too OTT (and yes I know Doctor Who is OTT sometimes but there can be too much). So the initial scenes with the Master and his cronies in the prison, it was like watching another TV show or possibly the Sarah Jane Adventures. But when Bernard Cribbons came back on the scene and him and the Doctor meet each other, then it was back to the old magic. David Tennant was just brilliant when him and Cribbins were in the cafe and he was asking Cribbins “Just who are you?” and the scene later between Tennant and the Master was good to, when the Doctor heard the beat in the Master’s head. But the scenes with Naismith (sp?) and his daughter was just too pantomime baddie. And the mysterious narrator was just annoying until that not that surprising when you think about it, big reveal. I have a feeling though (or is it a hope?) the Tennant’s final episode will still be amazing.

Defying Gravity

I was really sad to see the final ever episode of Defying Gravity, the cut too soon sci-fi show following a group of astronauts both in present day on board their space ship on a grand six year tour of the solar system and in flash back with their training. There was some really good character interactions, as you would get in such a claustrophobic situation and a good plot line involving some mysterious hallucination forming fractal objects that may be alien, may be God, who knows? I particularly liked this guy on the left, the brave heroic slightly screwed up pilot.

Shown on ABC in the US (where apparently they didn’t even get to see the last few episodes) and the BBC in the UK ¬†where they pushed it to a later and later time slot, it didn’t get picked up for a second series, which is a shame, but I guess sci-fi isn’t the majority’s cup of tea.